The great benefits of learning English

Do you find yourself always making excuses not to learn English? You are always very busy, you think that learning is very difficult or maybe you think you will never need English. Whatever the reasons, they will not be enough when comparing the great benefits of learning the English language. Read below so you know why.

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•             Better payment: The economic benefits of learning English can be significant, by accessing a better salary anywhere in the world. For example in India, a person who speaks fluent English can earn up to 34% more than their peers!

•             More job opportunities: Most of the works are attentive to the knowledge of English. According to a survey almost 70% of international executives say that in order to achieve their objectives, it is necessary for their staff to be fluent in English.

•             The language of business and diplomacy: Multinational companies use English to communicate, according to the Harvard Business Review, as do international organizations.


•             If you want to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world you need to speak English. All but one of the top 10 universities worldwide is located in England or the United States, so they use English, according to The Times Higher Education.

•             Access the most important and influential research in the world. English is practically the language of modern scholarship, dominating academic publications and most communications.

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•             Become more intelligent: Did you know that learning a foreign language can increase the power of your brain? Studies have shown that people who speak two or more languages are more perceptive, more decisive and have better memory.

•             Some of the best movies, music and television shows are in English. It’s an incredible feeling when you first watch your favourite show without dubbing or subtitles!

•             It’s true, travelling expands your mind. Travellers are more creative and have more confidence and satisfaction than people who stay at home.

•             But why stop? With English it does not matter what your destiny is, you will always find someone to talk to. It’s your world go explore it!

Get more friends

If you can speak English, you can communicate with about 1.5 billion people around the world. These are a considerable number of friends! One of four people who speak English has been able to have a career and learn more. You can talk online; get involved with international groups and travel – just using a language!

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Asking for information in 75 countries

English is the official language or has a special status in 75 countries and is spoken in 100. It is the international language of business, academics, sports, science, technology, advertising, aviation and diplomacy. So do not think you have to be at home just because you do not master English. Learn English and do what you want!

Find answers on the Internet

While you think there are a lot of websites translated into your native language, consider this: Eighty percent of the electronic information is still in English. If you do not speak English, you will miss the billions of Internet pages with varied and updated information.

Be a scientist

World scientists use English to communicate with each other. The scientific conferences are conducted in English and the most recent research is published in English. More than two thirds of the world’s scientists read in English.

Advance in your career

Most international businesses are conducted in English. If someone wants an administrative position in an international corporation, they will need to speak English. Do not think that the mastery of English is only indispensable for business people. Technology, aviation, diplomacy, tourism, etc., also depend in large percentage on English.

Access to more communication media

Many books, magazines and newspapers are available only in English. Many new books in other languages are translated into English. If you can read in English, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Get opportunities abroad

There are thousands of international studies, jobs and volunteer programs. But many of these are not available to you if you do not master the English language. A new world of opportunities will open when you speak English!

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Reasons to learn English online

There are many benefits that we can take advantage of when learning according to our own habits and more if we are talking about learning English, a language marred by a series of myths that today have simply been distorted, positioning as the international language par excellence, blurring borders, building direct communication lines with whoever you want in the place you want.

Why learn English online?

Technology has been the protagonist of the collapse of so many false beliefs around the English language; here we give you some reasons to learn English online:

1.            Time becomes your ally, not your enemy

Every time you have to take a face-to-face class you literally lose at least 2 hours of your precious time between traffic, parking your car or taking public transportation, walking to the classroom, etc.

In a positive scenario, let’s assume that you choose a face-to-face study plan 3 days a week for 3 months; you are losing 72 hours of your life! And if the period of time is one year, the number of hours lost is close to 300. Do not you think it is better to use these long periods of time studying English? … With 300 hours of online study, you will be able to master the new language.

2.            A perfect environment for every taste Goodbye to the square lounges of cold and boring environment. Studying English online gives you the possibility to take your classes from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you choose with internet access, either day or night. It is like to have a source of information available to you from where and when you need it.

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