Personality Development Concept

The concept of personality development can be described as the vital process that goes through every individual where certain bases and guidelines of determined character and behaviour are established, from which the organized, stable features, values ​​and ways of functioning are established. the time of said person.These mechanisms become a reference for the person in their interactions with the context (environmental or physical and interpersonal or social) in which it usually operates.

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Personality factors: Personality development is understood as the result of bidirectional confluence between internal factors (genetic inheritance) and external factors (environment). The first includes temperament, which is defined by an intrinsic and innate emotional and motivational disposition that mobilizes the subject for primary interests.

On the other hand, environmental factors can be classified into common influences (norms, values, externally originated social and cultural beliefs) and personal influences (experiences and particular life circumstances of each subject, such as, for example, a disease).

Affective development in early childhood: The most important phenomenon that characterizes the affective Personality development of the boy or girl in the first years of life is the attachment formation or emotional / affective bond established between the child and one or several reference figures. Attachment is composed of three elements: attachment behaviours, mental representations and feelings generated from the previous two.At the same time, attachment generates a context in which children can learn and explore their surroundings feeling safe, which is essential to discover their own abilities. This kind of discoveries will shape their attitudes and a part of their personality, depending on whether they feel competent in the areas they must live on a regular basis.

Personality: The definition of personality as a disposition or set of stable and permanent traits that guide both behaviour, reasoning and emotional expression in a generic way, would encompass both the concept of temperament and character.That is, both temperament and character are elements that form the personality interacting together . They cannot be isolated individually but help to understand our behaviour patterns globally and in all areas of life.

It is a phenomenon that is considerably stable over time and is subject to a lower proportion of ethnic or cultural interference. On the contrary, character, of a more cognitive and intentional nature, derives from environmental and cultural influence and is the product of external life experiences.

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