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English Speaking

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english speaking course in Noida

Our English speaking course in Noida for adults are aimed at people over 18 years, are fully face-to-face and their main objective is to provide the appropriate English coaching to our students.

Benefit of spoken english course for beginners

  • It is aimed at those students who do not have prior knowledge of English, or only have basic knowledge acquired during the educational process in our country.
  • Students are given the knowledge and practice necessary to exchange personal information, talk about tastes and preferences, how to locate in the city; deal with situations of hotel, airport and restaurants. They also learn to ask for and give information about routines, jobs, hobbies, past activities and future plans.
  • All this is achieved through interactive classes where the student is permanently exposed to the English language, supported by texts, computer language laboratory, audio video system and teachers of recognized experience in teaching English.

How English speaking course at English guru institute help you

  • This english speaking course is for those students who can already communicate with Basic English, or for those who have taken and passed the Beginners course.
  • Students are able to expand their knowledge and English skills in listening skills, reading, oral, personality development and written communication, in a variety of topics that deepen the treaties at the Beginners level and also include travel experiences, work, description and comparison of places, cities and countries.
  • The achievement of communication objectives is achieved through the active participation of students in face-to-face classes taught by professors with extensive experience in teaching the English language,supported by texts, audio system, computer language laboratory and videos.
  • Course aimed at students who already have an elementary management of English, both written and oral and seeking to deepen their knowledge and practice of the language in the various ways of referring to past habits and activities, future activities and plans,travel, job interviews, health, global topics and the comparison of activities and lifestyles in our country and English speaking countries.

Our Classes are highly participatory in group and peer activities, supported by texts, computer language laboratory,audio video system and teachers with great experience in teaching English.

Why Us

1. Expert and trained faculty

All English guru institute teachers are trained and certified in English. We have carefully selected instructors who have a profound experience in teaching English and who can handle students indifferent age groups. Kindness, accessibility and patience are characteristics in corporated by our trainers. They take time to understand your needs from the beginning of the course and offer you a learning path that is best suited to you.

2. Talk with technology-assisted learning

Our learning platform will provide you with access to internationally acclaimed Cambridge University content. Our unique software will help you learn anytime and anywhere. This interactive technology will help you work on your pronunciation challenges, as well as allow you to record and revise your spoken English practice. So if you want to be master in English speaking then our English Speaking Course In Noida is best option for you.

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Our Students

17 thoughts on “English Speaking”

  1. I finally passed my IELTS exam and achieved the desired results. Thank you for the service. English Speaking course in Noida has always prepared good topics and good questions. The practice is extremely important for learning to speak English. English Guru Noida have provided me a lot of practice on a regular basis. At first, it was hard for me to remember words and speak fluently. From time to time, I had to search for words in a dictionary. Sometimes I knew the word but I did not remember it before looking for it in the dictionary. After a while, it became a lot easier. I get used to the words I use the most.

  2. How to speak English better is something I have devoured thousands of times. And I always found sites selling either English spoken software or spoken English audios, which, I knew, would only help absolute beginners. What I wanted was a program to improve my fluency by practicing English with native teachers, and this is exactly what the English speaking course in Noida offers. I can now speak English without thinking about the grammar rules in my head. The teachers helped correct grammar and vocabulary, but in a very practical and easy to remember way. The theory is not boring. In addition, teachers are all native English speakers, so you will learn everything correctly from the beginning.

  3. I would like to suggest this English speaking course in Noida for beginners to advanced learners, it’s a good idea to learn English at English Guru Institute, I learned through one of best teacher of English Guru Institute, she was fluent in English, and I fell very lucky in her learning sessions. Her way of teaching, her attitude towards students is exceptional; classes are so useful to everyone, even though I have improved a lot. It’s the best platform to learn English. I really recommended English Guru Institute to all of my friends and known as they are best in teaching.

  4. It gives me great pleasure to give my opinion on the English Guru Institute. Here teacher has a great way to teach. One to one guarantees many personalized reactions and ways to improve spoken English. The flexibility in the schedules of English speaking course in Noida allows us to attend classes when we are free. I must admit that my coach was too good. Simple examples made learning easier and the discussion topics were interactive, making learning fun. Whenever I made mistakes, she reported them and it helped me develop my vocabulary in real time. Thank you to English Guru Institute for all the teachings they gave me.
    Thank you sir!

  5. It gives me great pleasure to write about the English Guru Institute, the institute of English Training. Before taking the course, I wondered how to improve my language and how this method would be useful. But when I started my English speaking course in Noida at English Guru Institute, I feel confident every day. Thanks to English Guru Institute and especially to their staff who are expert in English teaching. I enjoyed my classes at English Guru Institute. Thanks to English Guru Institute and their staff. They are really highly recommended. They use most of recent teaching method to train their student in English.

  6. My involvement in English Guru is generally excellent. I overcame my dread of communicating in English smoothly. I picked up a great deal of certainty. My coach helped me accomplish that. I am wanting to join the following dimension as well.😀

  7. When I came here I didn’t have even an inkling how to communicate in English and how to utilize linguistic rules. After going to classes here, I adapted every syntactic guideline which helped me a great deal to improve my English. English Guru is the best stage to improve relational abilities. I am appreciative to English Guru resources who helped me a great deal. They clarified each and everything with the assistance of models which is the best for all the beginners.
    Thank You.

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